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Data migration experts

We would like to make it official and state that we, the DataWand Wizards, feel for data migration experts. Their job isn’t made easy given the volumes of data that we now store and the lack of standards with easy import/export routines in software applications and we’re talking about those applications with a database at their core such as Oracle, SAP, Sage, Quickbooks and Microsoft Access.

There are a number of data migration experts and consultants out there and we would like to make their jobs easier by saving them time and headache by reducing the number of bespoke scripts and manual re-work that’s undertaken. We hope that DataWand becomes one of those tools (dare we say wand?) in their toolkit.

Take the example of when IBM won the London Congestion Charging contract from Capita in 2008 and started operating it in 2009. We wondered if their data migration experts could have used DataWand to ensure that the data was as good as possible before importing it into their new system? But,  IBM do have a vast software library (like Softek) and resources that they can call upon. Who knows, maybe DataWand will be used next time around.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to hearing from data migration exports and consultants so we can lend you a wand. 🙂